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germanium pnp replacement

Germanium Transistors

This is the fee to have germanium transistors tested for gain and leakage. 1 Original Tungsram AC188K PNP high gain Germanium transistor. These work great in fuzz pedals. Gain ranges from 100-500. These are untested and sold as/is, but if you need a matched pair or even just one piece tested, I can do that for $3 per transistor.

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NTE Electronics NTE158 Germanium PNP Transistor

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Germanium Transistor for sale eBay

20pcs Germanium PNP transistor 1T403V / GT403V / ASY77 45V 5W Russian NOS. C $9.17. C $10.55 shipping. Germanium transistor MP15 USSR Lot of 10 pcs. C $8.53. 2N1541 Replacement RFL Germanium Transistor 2 pcs. C $19.78. C $20.43 shipping. 100x P416A /2SA279, 2N384/NEW/ BOX/ PNP Germanium transistor. USSR. C $76.50.

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Russian Germanium PNP Transistors and Russian

RAS Components Russian Germanium PNP Transistors, Russian USSR RelaysInductors, Coils, Filters 'Russian USSR Parts' Distributor / Channel Partner from Bengaluru, Karnataka, India

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Unsing a PNP Vbe multiplier to replace a germanium

2017-12-5  I have the intention to replace a germanium diode with a PNP germanium diode in an old amplifier circuit How do I determine the correct R1 and R2 on a 1K trimpot if i chose another germanium transistor with a different voltage drop at Vbe on the circuit displayed? Attachments. 1N2326.gif.

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Replacement Transistor The RadioBoard Forums

The AC126 is germanium PNP. NTE 102 is the replacement. Long time ago we would take a 'cheap' transistor radio apart and put two phone jacks in it. We would wire the input to the volumn control and the speaker wires on the output. The local band would buy and put it in front of the guitar amp.

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Antique Radio Forums • View topic Replacing

Additionally, Germanium transistors usually didn't have as much gain as was needed/wanted, leading to circuit design decisions that would be considered really bad today. Germanium circuits are often overly sensitive to Hfe/beta by modern standards. If you are going to mess around with Germanium, build a test fixture like this one.

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Does it matter if I replace germanium transistors with

2020-7-25  Silicon transistors started replacing germanium but I guess not quick enough for that article. As mentioned, you want to use the PNP version like a 2n3907. And keep in mind that while they work in similar manners, germanium diodes have a forward voltage of 0.2~0.4 volts on average, while silicon will have 0.6 to 0.8 volts.

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Does anyone have spice models for germanium

2017-6-16  I am trying to simulate an 50-year-old circuit that I am guessing used germanium transistors. (See below). The simulation works with 2N3904's but I want to get a better feel for how it might have worked with older parts. I looked in LTspice Standard.bjt library at LTwiki and did not see any...

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