Grand Prix Accc Horažďovice 2013 (EN)

Grand Prix Cross Country Championship ACCC Horazdovice 2013, Czech Republic
Grand Prix, which is organised and held for the first time by the Athletic Cross Country Club Horazdovice, will involve the international participation of runners from the whole of Europe who are classified under the following categories: Men, Women, Senior Men, Senior Women, Junior Men, Junior Women, Under18Men, Under18Women, Under16Men, Under16Women, Under14Men, Under14Women and children under 10.

Technical and organizational backup will be provided by the ACCC Horazdovice in cooperation with the town Horazdovice and the Open-Air School in Strelske Hostice. The main partners are: SPAR Czech trading company, ltd., Salomon and Suunto

Saturday 2nd November, 2013

Horazdovice. The start of the championship is at the ACCC Horazdovice sports grounds near the town Strelske Hostice – facilities of the Athletic Club ACCC Horazdovice.

Main organizers

  • President of the Championship Event and Chairman of the Organizing Committee: Ing. Miloslav Sefler
  • Main Referee: Mgr. Vlastimil Nemejc
  • Manager of the Administration Office: Mgr. Dana Satrova

Runners will be able to submit application forms on the ACCC website (, starting Monday, 21st October 2013, until Wednesday, 30th October 2013. The deadline for application submission is Wednesday, 30th October at 12 a.m. Note that the categories for men and junior men runners allow entry to only one race.

Prizes and awards for the first three runners in each category

  • U16andU14Men+Women: a certificate, a medal and an additional prize
  • U18Men+Women: a certificate, a medal, an additional and a financial prize (1,500, 1,000, 500 CZK)
  • Junior Men+Women: a certificate, a medal, an additional and a financial prize (1,500, 1,000, 500CZK)
  • Women: a certificate, a medal, an additional and a financial prize (2,000, 1,000, 500 CZK)
  • Men: a certificate, a medal, an additional and a financial prize (3,000, 2,000, 1,000 CZK)
  • In main categories for men and women, prizes are also awarded to those who come in fourth, fifth and sixth.
Prizes (sports clothes and Suunto watches) to the total value of 40,000 Czech crowns will be presented to the winners of the Grand Prix Cross Country for the year 2013 by: ACCC Horazdovice, SPAR Czech Trading Company, Salomon and Suunto.

Laps length

  • 625 m = 1x black lap
  • 1,250 m = 2x black lap
  • 1,850 m = 1x black lap + 1x red lap
  • 3,050 m = 1x black lap + 2x red lap
  • 3,775m = 1x black lap + 2x blue lap
  • 6,300 m = 1x black lap + 4x blue lap
  • 10,000 m = 1x black lap + 6x blue lap
    • Course
      The Grand Prix Cross Country ACCC Horazdovice 2013 will be held on a rolling grassy course with a maximum elevation difference of 25 m. Details can be downloaded at

      Changing rooms
      These are covered and with a washroom next to the championship office building, and in separate tents measuring 6x9 metres for women and men. The changing rooms are at a distance of approximately 150 metres from the start. Toilets and showers for women and men and mobile urinals for men are also nearby. Access to changing rooms, washrooms and showers is strictly only for runners.

      Championship administration office
      This office will be open on Friday, 1st November 2013, from 4 p.m. to 7 p.m. at the Open-Air School in Strelske Hostice. Accommodation for home and foreign runners and their team support can be arranged here. On Saturday, 2nd of November 2013 (the day of races) the championship office will be open at the competion venue (the sports grounds of the Athletic Cross Country Club Horazdovice) from 8:30 a.m. Registration and distribution of start numbers will end one hour before the start of individual category races.

      Start numbers
      Start numbers are non-returnable, safety pinned (on the chest and on the back) to the running shirt. The numbers will be distributed in the championship office during the registration.

      Starting fee

      Competition timetable

      • 10 a.m. Opening Ceremony
      • 10:10 a.m. 1st race (625 m) – children under 10 (require the presence of parents)
      • 10:20 a.m. 2nd race (1,250 m) – one separate category of womenU12
      • 10:35 a.m. 3rd race (1,850 m) – two categories together menU12 and womenU14
      • 10:55 a.m. 4th race (3,050 m) – two categories together menU14 and womenU16
      • 11 a.m. Victory Ceremony I. (races 1-4)
      • 11:25 a.m. 5th race (3,775 m) – three categories together menU16, junior women and senior women
      • 11:55 a.m. 6th race (6,300 m) – three categories together junior men, women and senior men
      • 12:20 p.m. 7th race (10,000 m) – one separate category men
      • 1 p.m. Victory Ceremony II. (races 5-7)
        • Refreshments
          Runners will be served with fruit, tea and water in the changing rooms and the starting point. Other participants will be provided refreshments from a mobile catering stall. In case of unfavourable weather a tent will be erected to provide shelter. Invited guests, journalists and representatives of CAS (Czech Athletic Federation) will receive refreshments in a VIP tent.

          Access road to the sports ground and parking
          The course is located 1 km behind Strelske Hostice (direction Horazdovice) (see the map). On the access road (1st class) will be limited speed 150 m before the entrance to the parking area and on both sides will be seen traffic signs Grand Prix Cross Country 2013.

          Accommodation for home and foreign runners
          1) Open-Air School in Strelske Hostice. Available for approximately 200 beds in rooms with half board (from Thursday 30th October 2013). The Championship Administration Office will be open here for one day only on Friday 1st November. Rooms can be booked via the ACCC website at, contact email, from October 21st to October 30th 2013. 2) Representatives and guests will be accommodated in the hotel Prachen, Horazdovice, telephone number: 376 383 634, The ACCC Horazdovice will cover the expenses for board and lodgings. It is necessary to book and confirm the accommodation as soon as possible, or by 30th October at the very latest.